Why Hands-On Marketing Matters In College Advertising

by | Jul 21, 2014 | Business

There are lots of different ways to advertise a product today. This can include the traditional media forms of television, radio and print. However, on college campuses print can also include posters, bulletin-board notices and ads in the college newspaper. Advertising on the college radio station is another option to consider for your college advertising campaign.

And, as if those weren’t enough, you now have social media, websites, online banner ads, electronic signage at games and sporting events, and even digital billboards and signs on specific buildings on campus or within close proximity of campus.

Despite all these options, college advertising is still a prime opportunity for actual hands-on interaction with your target audience. Hands-on marketing can include: having a booth on campus, giving away product samples, providing informational flyers while talking to students, conducting student surveys and soliciting feedback, and holding interactive contests. Starting conversations with students and literally going out and engaging with them is one of the most effective marketing techniques you can use with this target group.

Why it Works

College students are typically not affluent, so they aren’t going to buy a product just to see if they like it. Providing samples on campus or at a university event, such as a college football game or on-campus concert, and having representatives there to talk about the product with students, is a great way to give them that first taste or that first experience with the product.

This is why many companies choose to sponsor events as part of their college advertising campaign and provide free samples during that event. This is great for food or beverage products, but it can also work for other types of products as well. Technology companies trying to reach students could set up a booth or demo area and let students try out the new computer, smartphone or device and experience the product firsthand. This increases their desire for the product and helps them visualize owning it. Consider having an email sign-up at the event, so you can follow up with the students after the event is over.

That Human Connection

Besides being more connected online, college students are also interested in connecting with others in person. When companies include interaction between their reps, or peers reps, with the rest of the students as part of their college advertising program, a personal relationship with the product is formed.

In other words, when a student talks to another student about how good product X is and tries a sample, the interaction provides both a hands-on benefit as well as providing an important human connection. This, combined with traditional college advertising techniques, is the true benefit of any college marketing program.

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