Why Have Multiple Monitor Displays?

The workplace is changing its approach to production. At one time, a single computer with its monitor was a novelty as well as an expense. Today, every company has a computer and many of the interconnecting devices that connect the business to the rest of the world. Today, another change is taking place – one characterized by a move away from a system that features one monitor.

It may seem silly to some to have more than one monitor, but it is not. In fact, research from the University of Utah indicates otherwise. In fact, having multi monitor displays can actually be beneficial to a company. It may improve productivity.


Multi-tasking can be an essential part of the daily life of a business. Some people are not very adept at doing this on a single monitor. Switching to a system that features multi monitor displays can improve the ability to address different issues at the same time. The result is an increase in the ability of an employee to do his or her work more quickly and effectively. This can result in an increase in the average day’s output. This can transfer into increased productivity and revenue.

Time Saving

If you have a single monitor, an employee can access one program at a time or at least keep one open singly. If the same employee has multiple monitor displays, he or she can see and access without any delay several programs at the same time. With the ability to access more than one, the employee actually saves time, which, as any employer will fervently state – is money.

How Many Monitors Are Necessary?

The Utah comparison study clearly indicates the benefits of having at least one other monitor. The research indicates two monitors are very effective in increasing the productivity of certain task performance. Overall, however, if you can purchase technology that allows multiple (at least 3) monitor displays, it is beneficial. In fact, having multi monitor displays is more efficient and improves multitasking for more than gamers. Of course, it is only valid if the computer is fast. An 8-button mouse can also do wonders for improving the odds.

Having more than one computer monitor readily available is not a luxury. It is not a frivolous expenditure. It is becoming an integral part of many different types of workspaces. Programmers, secretaries and web designers are rapidly joining the gamers and security firms who already employ multiple monitor display systems as a normal part of their employment.


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