Why Herbicide Use in The Railroad Industry Is Dangerous in Chicago, IL

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Herbicide use in the railroad industry has been common for many years. Herbicide is used to control the vegetation that grows up in and around the tracks. If this vegetation grows up onto the tracks, it can interfere with the workings of the train itself. However, the herbicides that many railroad companies have used are proving to be toxic to many people.

What Can Herbicide Exposure Do?

Many different herbicides like glyphosate can put a person’s health at risk. They do not have to be the ones spraying the glyphosate or other herbicide themselves. In fact, conductors, railmen, inspectors, and more have all faced the consequences of herbicide use in the railroad industry. Illnesses like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, depression, nerve disorders, and even muscle disorders have been found to be linked to these herbicides.

Talking to a Lawyer

If someone has been exposed to herbicides while working on the railroad, they will want to speak to a railroad cancer lawyer. A lawyer will be able to help them to present their case to a judge, and then they may get compensation for what they are going through. A railroad cancer lawyer will know all the parts of the law to help win the case. While a person could sue themselves if they do not know who is responsible or they do not have the proof that they were exposed, this can be difficult. An experienced lawyer will be able to find this information.

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