Why Hire a Plumber for Water Heater Repair in Carrollton, GA

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The water heater in your home is a big job. It is responsible for making sure that you always have hot water available. Over time, the elements in a water heater can burn out and sediment that is in water can build up as lime deposits which can cause it to be overworked, and lead to system failure. While it is possible to purchase water heaters from your local hardware store and install them yourself, it’s a big job that takes a great deal of knowledge about plumbing. Don’t think you can turn this into a weekend do-it-yourself project. That could lead to wasted money and frustration. Here are three tips why you should hire a plumber for a Water Heater Repair Carrollton, GA.


Water heaters are extremely heavy and bulky, which makes them complicated to move. A plumber will have the know how and manpower to safely remove your old unit and set the new one in place. This will keep you from having to do the backbreaking work yourself. While there are tools to make the job easier, they can be expensive to purchase and cost you more money in the end.


Your water heater has to be hooked up to a 220 volt line. This means you will have to disconnect the old unit and hook the new unit up to the existing breaker panel. If your unit is older, then you may need to replace the line feed running from the breaker box. It is not a good idea to tackle this on your own, as it can lead to code violations and fines from your city and county ordinance commissions.


While you may think you know how to properly plumb a water heater, you will need to have a working knowledge of copper welding. You will also need to be able to tie any copper pipes into new pipes that could exist within your home. This requires a great deal of specialized tools and knowledge in order to ensure you have no leaks.

Don’t think you can plumb your water heater on your own. Let a plumber tackle your Water Heater job. If want more information on hiring a plumber, make sure you visit website. Don’t let your water heater project consume you. Let a professional take care of it for you.

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