Why Is It Important to Have Your Air Conditioning in Palm Harbor Maintained?

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Your air conditioning unit keeps your home nice and cool during those long summer months. Without it, you and your family could be suffering in the heat and could even become ill. People who have air conditioning often do not think about the upkeep of their system until it it too late. It is imperative you take care of your system through routine maintenance. This can keep your system running at optimum power and help you to avoid costly repairs and replacements. Knowing how to care for your Air conditioning in Palm Harbor can keep your system cooling your home when you need it most.

What Maintenance Should You Perform on Your Air Conditioner?

* Changing the filter is one of the most important maintenance chores you can do to extend the life of your unit. You should change or clean your filter ever month, depending on the amount of use for your system. If your filter becomes clogged, it could cause problems with your system, making it unable to cool your home properly. It could also eventually cause your motor to burn out, leading to expensive repairs. Make it a habit to change your filter on the first of every month and you can keep your system running properly.

* It is also important your clean your unit of debris after a storm. When storms hit, you could have limbs, leaves and other debris to fall on top of your unit. If these are not removed, they could be sucked into your fan unit and cause damages. By cleaning off the grill of your unit after every storm or high wind, you can keep debris from causing permanent damage to your system.

* In the summer months, weeds and grass can grow up around your outside unit, causing the unit to become blocked. This can cause overheating and other problems. It is important you keep the weeds and grass trimmed around your unit at all times. Keeping a check on this issue can help you to avoid expensive repairs.

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