Why San Francisco Housing Prices Make Emeryville a Good Option

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The Apartments for Sale in San Francisco, as well as housing prices in general are making it harder and harder to buy a home for many people. The San Francisco Bay area has always been a hot spot with high demand and not enough houses to go around. Experts are saying that the San Francisco market is heading for a housing bubble. The problem with bubbles is that they eventually burst. That means it might make sense to look for areas close to the city, but far enough out that you will not be affected by astronomical pricing or a sudden drop when you want to sell.

Median Housing Price

The median housing price for San Francisco in early 2013 was a shocking $771,750. The number of people willing to pay that price continues to drive housing prices up as well as the fact that there are not enough homes to go around. This makes outlying areas such as Emeryville more appealing to both families and singles alike.

Renting not an Option

Renting an apartment in San Francisco is just as expensive which means buying is still a smarter idea as long as you can find the right area. Emeryville is only a short drive across the Bay and many people have found it a very pleasing spot. Apartments for sale in San Francisco can be found in Emeryville well below $300,000 with a reasonable mortgage that is easy to manage for most.

Quality Apartments make Exceptional Homes

You can also find some exceptional apartments for sale in San Francisco in Emeryville. Luxury homes with excellent finishes in great neighborhoods make Emeryville a great option. Many people are discovering Emeryville and finding they have all of the conveniences of the city with more of a comfortable small town feel. And when they are in the mood for some city excitement they are a short drive away by car or even by BART.

If you are looking for an option that is still within San Francisco but not affected by the soaring housing prices Emeryville may be a great option. For apartments for sale in the San Francisco area you might be surprised at the wonderful homes you can find with plenty of space, excellent prices and mortgages that are easily managed.

If you are looking for affordable apartments for sale San Francisco area Emeryville is the perfect spot.