Why Spring Mattresses Remain Popular

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Undoubtedly, the most commonly purchased item from mattress stores in Jackson MS and in other similar stores across the United States is a spring mattress. In fact, for over 100 years, it has taken on all new comers and won. While other specialty mattresses have come into the market place to challenge the supremacy of the innerspring system mattress, this type of mattress continues to remain popular.

What is a Spring Mattress?
A spring mattress is one that features as part of its inner system a series of coiled springs. First introduced in the 1860s, it quickly has become a part of any American home. Until relatively recently, it had few competitors. It was always available in stock at mattress stores in Jackson MS and other retailers across North America.

What are the Basic Types of Spring Mattress?
Spring mattresses come in different types based on the different system or types of springs used. The average mattress stores will carry any or even all of the following types:
Continuous springs: Springs are formed form one continuous wire
Pocket springs: These are small coils sitting each within their own individual pocket
Open Coil: The oldest type of coil, it joins each together using small wire spirals
Offset Coil: This type features a squared-off head

Why Select a Spring Mattress?
People choose a spring mattress over many other types of mattresses for any of several reasons. This includes:

  • Comfort: Spring mattresses rank high in comfort
  • Durability: While it depends upon the model, these types of mattresses are long-lasting providing sufficient “bang for the buck”
  • Reliability: you know what you are getting
  • Wide selection – the latest models are often hybrids featuring the best of spring technology with memory foam providing extra padding and/or upholstery

Yet, two other reasons form the basis of why many still prefer innerspring mattresses. They are familiar. They are also reasonably priced – when compared to other types of mattresses available in mattress stores around the country.
After over a century of development and technological advances, the spring mattress has undergone a few changes. While you can still purchase a spring mattress similar to your Great Granny’s in mattress stores in Jackson MS and elsewhere, you can also buy some variations on a theme. Today, spring mattresses are facing new competition. As usual, they are taking it on with new developments and changes of their own meant to insure the spring mattress remains one of America’s most popular types well into the next century. Are you tired of looking for reasonable Mattress Stores In Jackson MS offering a wide selection? Why not check out what Mattress Direct has to offer you. Visit us online at  for details about our services and products.