Why the Victims of the Police State Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS

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In case you haven’t noticed, the United States of America takes steps daily that bring it closer to becoming a police state. The police in communities and cities across the country are appropriating power for themselves and committing crimes against innocent people as well as accusing people of “crimes” today that were not crimes yesterday. They’re being outfitted with tanks and armored vehicles cast off by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The scariest aspect to the whole scenario is their lack of accountability. In almost all situations, they account only to themselves. It’s not much different than the fox being in charge of the hen house.

What does this mean for the average person living in Hattiesburg, MS? It means that the Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS may well be the last line of defense when it comes to false criminal accusations.

The legal system was never intended to micro-manage every nuance of a person’s life. Laws were intended to be clear and easy to understand. We have so many laws today that it is a sheer impossibility for any person to be cognizant of them all, and it’s almost a certain thing that every American has broken a law at some point in his life that would technically make him a felon. If you have ever given your husband one of your prescription sleeping pills, you are technically a felon. Sometimes people get nabbed for such “crimes.” Who is to stand between them and a prison sentence? A Criminal Defense attorney is who. A Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS such as T. Michael Reed, P.A., who has been defending the rights of the innocent in Hattiesburg, MS since 1998.

It is the Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS who the people will come to depend upon to set the precedents in court that will restrain the police should they continue to overstep their bounds, becoming for all intents and purposes, themselves the “bad guys.” Each and every day the news is filled with stories of police breaking down doors at the wrong address, shooting family dogs who were offering no threat, and brutalizing people for “crimes” they may or may not have committed. As the power of the police state increases, their eventual restraint will occur in the courtrooms of America by the criminal defense attorneys who stand for the rights of innocent victims. Read more