Why to Call a Professional When You Need Drain Cleaning in Baltimore

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Plumbing and Plumbers

We’re all living in the real world, where things sometimes go wrong. From a plumber’s perspective, (which every homeowner must adopt when his plumbing stops working) the primary woes most likely to be encountered involve some combination of grease, hair and roots in the drain lines. Whether it is your sinks, showers or toilets that are clogged, chances are that the cause of your problem is one of these three.

Fancy advertisements would have you think that all you need is to purchase a bottle of this or that premium drain cleaner to clean your drains, but is this truly the best solution? Caustic chemicals are corrosive to drains far more often than the average homeowner realizes. They also have the potential to damage the fragile ecosystem of your septic system. Chemically based drain cleaners are not only potentially damaging to your pipes and to the environment; they threaten your family and pets as well. There are far better ways of dealing with drain failure than by dumping corrosives down an already troubled pipe. The best and most logical thing to do is to call a Drain Cleaning Baltimore professional contractor to solve your drainage problems.

A professional drain cleaner has solutions that range beyond the abilities of the average homeowner’s chemical cleaner and cable snake. Depending upon the particulars of the problem, a professional will employ one of several different tools to clean your drains. He might use a power auger with interchangeable heads, capable of cutting away any roots that have invaded your pipes. Alternately, he might use a specialized high pressure hydro jet to direct a powerful stream of water directly at the blockage, washing it away (and cleaning the pipes from wall to wall in the process). If necessary, a pro can use video sewer imagery to actually look at the cause of the blockage. Many people, especially those in older homes, have aging pipes. A Drain Cleaning Baltimore professional has the ability, if necessary, to actually re-line your pipes without having to dig up the ground in a process called trenchless pipe lining.

Attending to the health of your home’s drains is much like caring for your personal health. When there is doubt, see the doctor. You’ll save time and money, and will have the added satisfaction of knowing that the solutions employed were not dangerous to your family or damaging to the environment.

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