How A Criminal Lawyer Bel Air Can Assist You

 A Criminal Lawyer Bel Air can provide a legal defense for anyone accused of a criminally-based charge. He or she will evaluate your charges with a working knowledge of California criminal law to establish options for building this defense. A criminal lawyer Bel Air will additionally advise you about the penalties associated with your charges.

How Criminal Charges Affect You

If you are convicted of a criminal charge, it will affect your ability to acquire employment. In fact, a felony charge will limit your possibilities in terms of job offers even if you have a college education. A felony charge will prevent you from acquiring a job that requires that you handle money, valuables, or to obtain a security clearance. Some state and federal employers are restricted to hiring only applicants who do not possess a criminal record, which could include criminal misdemeanor charges.


A criminal charge may affect your reputation depending upon the severity of the charge. In some instances, the charge, itself whether you are convicted or not may affect how clients, employers, and the public react to you. It is important for your preferred criminal lawyer to secure your interests by providing damage control, especially with the press. He or she will provide counsel regarding your reputation and public image and how you can work together to prevent significant damage.

Understanding Your Rights

All citizens of this country have the right to a trial to provide the opportunity to prove his or her innocence. By hiring a criminal lawyer, he or she will ensure that you have your day in court and present your case to the judge and jury. Your preferred attorney acts as an advocate for your rights within these court proceedings. As your attorney, he or she has the right to review all evidence provided within your case and direct questions toward witnesses.

A Criminal Lawyer Bel Air will provide you with up-to-date information about your case. If you are unable to post bond, he or she can visit you to discuss your case in private. You have the right to request legal counsel at any time. Seigel, Tully, & Furrer, LLC provide effective legal representation and skilled advocacy services for the charge(s) you may be facing. Visit to know more.