Why you may benefit from Sedation Dentistry

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Throughout the United States millions of people visit a dentist every day without encountering any problems, fears or issues. Unfortunately there are dental patients who absolutely dread the idea of visiting a dentist as they experience anxiety and irritation. Regardless of whether you have an inbuilt fear of a dentist or not, there are various ways to remove the anxiety and deaden any pain when sedation dentistry in Cedar Rapids, IA is employed. There are different levels of sedation that can ensure that the patient stays comfortable throughout any procedure.

Rarely is it necessary to use general anesthesia where you are put to sleep and you have no memory of the procedure; conscious sedation is enough to put the patient at ease. There are three levels of conscious sedation that the dentist can employ:

* Light sedation: Usually the dentist will use an oral medication that promotes relaxation or use nitrous oxide, normally called “laughing gas”. Patients who are subjected to this form of sedation dentistry in Cedar Rapids, IA remain calm throughout the procedure and because they are awake they can respond to any demands the dentist may put on them. There may be a slight loss of motor skills during sedation but recovery is fast and the patient will remember the appointment but not any sensation of pain or unease.

* Moderate sedation: To promote a deeper state of relaxation the patient will at times be subjected to an IV or, most often be given a tablet about an hour before the treatment is scheduled. This tablet, triazolam or equivalent gives the same benefits that light sedation does but, the patient will not remember any of the details of the appointment. Patients who are extremely anxious or patients who are going to be subjected a great deal of dental work may be suited for moderate sedation.

* Deep sedation: This is usually the last resort for a sedation dentist, this involves the use of an IV and the patients are rendered partially unconscious and unable to hear or respond to commands given by the dentist.
Every patient can benefit from sedation dentistry, it is not only something that is used on patients who have a fear of dentists, it can be used for those who simply avoid getting regular check-ups as well as those about to undergo such procedures as root canals or wisdom tooth extraction.

Adrian Rehak, D.D.S.
will employ sedation dentistry in Cedar Rapids, IA if it is necessary to calm an anxious patient or if the procedure is bound to be lengthy as your visit to the dentist should not be something that is unpleasant or traumatic.