Why You Need A DUI Lawyer In Hattiesburg, MS

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The state of Mississippi enforces the implied consent law. Under this law all licensed drivers give consent to testing during any traffic stop, by acquiring a driver’s license. Law enforcement has the legal right to test any driver at their discretion. Any refusal to submit to testing will result in an immediate arrest. If you are arrested under the suspension of drunk or impaired driving, you should hire a DUI Lawyer in Hattiesburg MS to represent you.

Mississippi DUI Laws: In Mississippi, drivers who are under the age of twenty-one are considered intoxicated with a blood alcohol reading of 0.02 percent. All non-commercial drivers are guilty of DUI, if they have a reading of 0.08 percent. Law enforcement has the right to initiate a breathalyzer test at the scene of all accidents and during routine traffic stops. They have further authority after an arrest is made to obtain a blood or urine sample to establish whether controlled substances were used. The first offence for a DUI in Mississippi incurs a ninety-day license suspension. The driver is required to pay fines of no less than $250 and no more than $1,000. The minimum jail sentence is forty-eight hours for all DUI charges. If you are charged with this traffic violation, it is advisable for you to Contact a DUI Lawyer.

The second conviction produces fines of no less than $600 with a maximum of $1,500. The convicted driver receives a two-year license suspension. He or she will spend between ten days and one year in county lockup. A third conviction or higher is classified as a felony. The driver receives fines that range netween $2,000 and $5,000. He or she receives a license suspension of five years. The court will impose a jail sentence that could range between one and ten years in county lockup. He or she will receive a drug or alcohol assessment and enter into a treatment program. The state has the right upon the conviction to take possession of the vehicle used during the infraction and sell it at auction. If you are facing a third conviction contact T Michael Reed, a DUI Lawyer in Hattiesburg MS.