Why You Need a Lawyer for Child Support in Newnan, GA

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Whether you were married and are divorcing, or were never married and are separating, Child Support in Newnan, GA may be something that you need to work out. If you have children, any arrangements for their care should be done through a lawyer so that there is a document that has to be followed for their care. This includes both custody and child support, and it’s important to make sure that this is arranged in the best interest of the child.

In the case where one parent does not have any custody over the child, or has very little, they may be obligated to pay child support to help raise their child. This is to ensure that the child has everything that they need, and can include monthly payments, medical care, and dental care. The amount of payments depends on how much custody the person has, as well as their income. Usually, child support will need to be paid until the child’s 18th birthday.

Child support is rarely an easy decision to be made, and can be a point of many arguments between couples who are already stressed with splitting up. For this reason, it’s important that lawyers such as those at The Law Offices Of Diane M. Sternlieb, LLC, handle the case. The lawyers are impartial and can better look at what is good for the child as well as for the adults deciding on child support and custody. In the cases where the lawyers cannot come to an agreement, they can bring the case before a judge to decide. When this happens, the judge’s decision with regard to both support and custody is final and binding, unless an appeal is made.

Speaking with a lawyer today might give you an idea of what you are looking at regarding child custody and support with your case. They can help you decide if you want to try for full custody, shared custody, or no custody depending on your wishes and your family situation. They can also help you figure out if you may have to pay child support, or if you may be able to get child support from your spouse depending on how much custody you will have. By speaking with a lawyer, you can begin the process for Child Support in Newnan, GA, today and help ensure you get what you are wanting out of the arrangement. Get more information here!