Why You Need a Plumber Jacksonville FL On-Call

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There are multiple reasons to contact a Plumber Jacksonville FL. They can range from installing new pipes to repairing old ones. You can contact one if you have a leaky faucet! The point is that these professionals are there to ensure your home is always safe from water damage. But what happens when the inevitable comes in the form of a flood? We give you a list of tips to act in the event of a flood.

Before the flood

1. If you live in a house, have it cleaned and inspected once a year. This means gutters or downspouts, allowing rain water to drain easily. These channels are often filled with garbage, leaves and other things.
2. Make sure your roof can withstand wind and rain.
3. Check the electrical installation, especially heating, so that the risk of fire will not occur. This will greatly reduce the chance of electrocution.
4. Keep a reserve of drinking water, food, flashlights, matches and candles on hand, especially during the rainy season.
5. Ensure that you have a complete list of phone numbers to all aid services (fire, hospital, ambulance, police, municipality, etc.).

During the flood

1. Keep your family safe. Do not cross rivers, flooded canals, or any other place without being accompanied by specialized staff (unless you have no choice). When in danger, whether you are using a car, never underestimate the strength of the current.
2. If you judge that the only way to get away is using the car, then be careful at intersections and crossings. This is because waters may rise from the side hard enough to drag stones, mud and other things. Never cross bridges in which levels of water will reach the top edge. The foundations of the bridge are always weakened.
3. Always try to head towards higher elevations.
4. Stay away from downed power poles or broken wires; water is a conductor of electricity.

After the flood

1. Plumbers in Jacksonville FL suggest that you make sure the base of your home is fairly solid before entering.
2. Make sure you cut the electricity to your home before going inside.
3. Stay away from all downed electrical wires.
4. Using flashlights, matches and candles can be dangerous, especially if there is a gas leak.

To learn more about what you should do in case of a flood, or if you have questions concerning a plumbing issue, contact your local Plumber Jacksonville FL today.