Why You Need Professional Roofers in Central NJ to Uncover Hail Damage

by | Dec 27, 2012 | Home & Garden

A hailstorm can be one of the biggest reasons for roof damage. The difficult part about hail damage is its effects can be hidden. Torn shingles or broken flashing might be visible to the untrained eye, but any other damage should be inspected by professional roofers in Central NJ to get a full evaluation of the damage that has occurred.

The Damage

It might seem as if hail damage should be obvious since the hard pellets hit your roof at high speeds. What actually occurs is the pellets hit your roof and cause cracking underneath the surfaces you can see. The damage you might see is a bruise, but the damaging result is what occurs underneath the roof. These cracks in the membrane could allow your roof to begin leaking. It might not be an immediate leak; you might not notice it for a while, which makes it even more difficult to determine the cause of your issues because the hail didn’t occur recently.

The Experts

It might be tempting to inspect your roof on your own after a hail storm. This is a common reaction of homeowners, particularly if it was a bad hail storm. There are many reasons this should be left to the professional roofers in Central NJ, though. First and foremost is your safety. The professionals know the right way and the right safety precautions to take before walking on a roof to inspect it. The professionals also know exactly what to look for. Your untrained eye might only inspect the surface. The professionals will inspect the entire structure of the roof, flashing and the gutter system. If the roofer finds a large amount of shingle granules in the gutter, chances are he will find damage to your shingles. The damage might not be immediate because the erosion might take some time, but in the end, the life of your roof will most likely be shortened.


It can be difficult to work with your insurance company, especially in the event of hail damage. Reputable roofers in Central NJ will help you through the insurance process, allowing you to realize the most benefits, rather than having to take on the entire cost of a new or repaired roof on your own. The roofers are experienced in dealing with insurance adjustors and companies as a whole, which is why allowing them to help you with the process will help you the most in the end.

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