Why You Need Remodeling Experts During Water Damage Restoration in San Antonio

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Whether your home has suffered from an overflowing washer or you’ve been the victim of a full-scale flood, you need professionals to help with water damage restoration in San Antonio. These experts may work with an emergency service provider, who eliminates standing water, removes belongings to keep them safe, and estimates the extent of damages. Repairs almost always require expert restoration by companies such as Shaw Company remodeling. These professionals are experts in several areas, including:

  • FLOORING:  During water damage restoration in San Antonio homes, experts will typically pull up carpeting and often remove padding. They will then dry underlying flooring. However, many times carpeting, wood, and other materials cannot be saved because of extreme damage. When that happens, remodeling professionals have the experience to provide an accurate estimate to repair them. They may also be able to refinish wood floors, and restore them to a like-new appearance.


  • PAINTING:  In addition to leaving unsightly stains and damp paint, water damage often destroys sheetrock. However  professionals can quickly assess the extent of damages, and create a restoration plan. They will pull down deteriorating popcorn ceilings, remove crumbling sheetrock, and replace them with beautiful new surfaces. Technicians can also professionally remove ruined wallpaper, and prepare walls for another finish. In addition, they will remove and replace damaged exterior paint.


  • KITCHENS:  Water damage from a major storm, fire, or other crises can ruin an entire kitchen. It may warp cabinets and flooring, destroy appliances, and more. However, remodeling experts specialize in whole-room designs, and can completely restore kitchens. In fact, they can redesign spaces, to upgrade them, and make them more efficient.


  • OUTDOOR AREAS:  Flooding can damage or destroy outdoor home areas, such as decks, fencing, and screened rooms. Remodeling experts, such as Shaw Company, can repair or replace these, as well as design new decking, create outdoor kitchens, build sunrooms, and more. Technicians can also repair, replace, or create outdoor fireplaces and firepits.

After water damage, homeowners need the help of remodeling professionals who are experienced working with the problem. These experts can repair, replace, or create flooring, painted surfaces, kitchens, outdoor areas, and much more. Browse the site shawcoremodeling.com to know more.

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