Why You Need to Work WIth a Financial Firm in Dallas Regardless of Age

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Financial Services

One of the reasons that you should work with a financial firm in Dallas that is traded on the New York Stock Exchange is the wide assortment of investments available. This allows you to create a diverse portfolio.

Most investors should own some equities, such as individual stocks, exchange-traded funds and mutual funds. Many investors will also want to have some bonds in their portfolios. A financial firm in Dallas can help you create the right mix depending on your long-term investment goals and how much risk you are comfortable taking on.

A financial adviser can also help you know how much cash should be in your portfolio. This may be cash in an interest-growing savings account or certificates of deposit. The amount you need will be different for everyone, so working with an adviser will allow you to choose the right amount based on your current and future circumstances.

An adviser can also help you identify the real assets that you need. This may include real-estate-asset trusts or properties you own and rent to the public. It may also include gold, silver, oil and other commodities.

While you may have a retirement account at work, you may need to be more active in managing it. Many investors find that when they reach a particular age, they can withdraw the money from their retirement account and roll it over into another account that better meets their investment needs. A skilled financial adviser can help you determine your best move.

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