Why You Should Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer in Burlington VT

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When you’re in an accident that’s no fault of your own, you may be worried about covering all of the expenses from the accident. The insurance company for the person or business that caused your accident will offer you a settlement, but it’s recommended that you don’t settle with an insurance company before speaking with a lawyer. The main reason for this is that a Personal Injury Lawyer in Burlington VT will be able to get you a larger settlement than the insurance company will offer. Why do you need a larger settlement?

Insurance Offer Won’t Cover Everything

Often, the insurance company will offer you a settlement that looks like a large amount. After accepting it, though, you may find that once you add up all the costs from the accident the insurance settlement doesn’t come close to covering everything. For example, if you’ve been in a car accident, the insurance company will generally offer you the amount you paid for your medical care already plus the repairs for the car. When you work with a lawyer, however, you will also be able to receive money to cover future medical bills arising from the accident, money to cover your lost wages, and any other expenses you had as a result of the accident.

Compensation Beyond Financial Concerns

Of course, you need the money to cover all of the expenses for the accident, but you may be entitled to other compensation as well. Your lawyer may be able to get you compensation for your pain and suffering, for example. While there isn’t an exact price that pain and suffering costs, it’s something your lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company. They may also be able to get you compensation for loss of enjoyment of life if you were permanently injured in the accident, for example if you were paralyzed.

Most of the time, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Burlington VT will work on a contingency basis. He won’t get paid unless you win, and his legal fees will be added into the settlement offer so you won’t be out any extra money by hiring a lawyer from Business Name. Since you stand the chance of getting more money by speaking with a lawyer and you won’t have to pay him unless you win, it’s always recommended that you speak with a lawyer before accepting any settlement offers from the insurance company.