Why You Should Opt For Granite Countertops in Apple Valley MN?

by | Jun 7, 2014 | Home Improvement

When selecting the appropriate countertop material for your bathroom, bar area or kitchen, you have a broad variety of options and a wide range of price levels. Educating yourself about the different options available as well as their costs will be a really worthwhile effort. This article will outline the different options available, as well as show you how granite countertop can be an extremely valuable choice.

One of the options you have is laminate countertops. These countertops are typically produced from a plastic laminate material that is joined to a pressed wood panel. Laminate countertops in Apple Valley MN provide a seemingly infinite array of pattern and color choices. Laminate is, however, the least priced countertop option and has some major drawbacks. Laminate can easily be damaged, and difficult to repair. Sharp objects like a knife can gouge or scratch laminate; also, heat from hot dishes and pans can bubble or scorch its surface. Scratches and other damages on laminate cannot be buffed out because laminate resembles veneer. In addition, laminate countertop will certainly not last forever. You will need to replace it in approximately ten to fifteen years.

One option that is increasingly becoming popular is recycled glass countertops. If you are a homeowner and are thinking of going green, you may want to opt for recycled glass countertops. It not only looks good, but feels really good also. Used glass of various colors and types are broken and ground. They are then blended together using adhesive agents as well as coloring to create a uniquely pattered and colored countertop. The major drawback with this countertop option is that it is expensive, mainly because there are very few companies that make it and thus demand is very high.

Granite countertops in Apple Valley MN are the preferred countertop material for many homeowners for several reasons. Granite is a natural stone and its random patterns and color variances are unparalleled by any man-made process or material. In addition, shopping for granite countertops is fun. To select the appropriate granite for your house, you can visit showrooms which have big slabs to take a look at what they have. Granite is resistant to staining, scorching or scratching and is highly durable. Also, it can be repaired in certain instances, except if the damage is deep. Granite Unlimited Inc. is a company that specializes in fabricating as well as installing marble, quartz and granite countertops.

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