Why You Should Use an Auto Protective Film in Connecticut

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Auto protective film in Connecticut is sometimes referred to as Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film (PPF). This material is a thermoplastic urethane film that is quite often applied to the leading or forward painted surfaces of the vehicle. The film was originally designed for military applications such as on helicopter rotors to protect them from particles of sand. In recent years, the use of protective film has expanded to racing, aviation and eventually consumer cars and even to cell phones. For a number of years now, PPF has been widely used on private vehicles.

From the standpoint of maintenance, PPF is the best investment you can make for your vehicle. This clear coated film not only helps to protect the car’s paint finish, but also protects surfaces in environments that are highly vulnerable to weathering, abrasion, bug damage and stone chips. Apart from the protection offered, PPF allows your vehicle’s paint to age in a natural manner without the yellowing experienced from prolonged exposure to the sun. Cleaning and maintaining your car is the same as before. The invisible film is easy to wax and wash like other painted surfaces and still retains its high gloss shine as expected.

In a typical situation, the protective film is applied to impact zones on vehicle parts and other vulnerable areas like A-pillars, roof, rear bumper decks, luggage areas, car door protection, floodlights, headlights covers, rocker panes, grills, bumpers, side mirrors, fenders and hoods. When applied by Tint Master, the product will not peel, yellow or haze and it comes with a five year warranty.

PPF contains ultraviolet properties that help prevent the degradation and discoloration of the film itself while ensuring that sunrays pass through unhindered. This means that if you ever decide to remove the film, your vehicle will not have a sunburned or two toned appearance. Unlike plastic shields or leather car bras, the PPFs are invisible and do not affect your vehicle’s aesthetic appearance in any way.

As always, the goal of the professionals at Tint Master is to provide you with a first class installation service with superior products.