Why Your Company Needs Quality Business Translation Services

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Business

logoIf your company provides services to an international market, one of the smartest investments you can make is in a relationship with trusted and professional business translation services who can assist with making your clients feel truly understood. It’s often said that the world is getting smaller every day, but even so, most of us still speak disparate languages. Having the help of business translation experts can create a competitive edge for your company over other providers who attempt to muddle through conversations and negotiations with hand motions and vague attempts at the client’s native tongue. Instead of risking your personal and professional reputation by looking like a fool, you can present a competent and qualified front to potential customers by utilizing business translation services in your interactions.

While English is spoken by a tremendous percentage of the world’s population, it’s not always in your best interest to rely on your own language in staging successful client interactions. First of all, providing a translator who speaks the same language as the client indicates a level of courtesy and respect that is often lacking in the business world. Too many companies are so eager to lock deals into place that they forget about the small niceties that can cement a mutually rewarding relationship. A professional translator is one of these niceties and can also prevent any awkward slips of the tongue when your managing director decides to break out his college French. Secondly, there are often serious culture gaps that can prove fatal to a company that doesn’t bother to take the time or make the effort to become aware of any unusual cultural issues. For instance, the color white is frequently associated with death in many Asian cultures, so while your assistant may have chosen white chrysanthemums because she thought they looked nice, the flowers will mean something totally different to your Tokyo associates.

Quality business translation services can give you the edge when it comes to successfully competing for business in the international market. Instead of crossing your fingers, waving your hands and hoping for the best, use a professional translator to expedite communication with international clients, and you just might find yourself with more custom than you can handle.

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