Wireless Security Solutions in Honolulu Hawaii

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Security is the least of anyone’s worries living on a big island surrounded by a natural water barrier. The Internet has a way of bringing the fast-paced excitement of the world into every business, home, and organization on the big island. However, this also means bringing in cyber attackers looking to steal personal information or plant a virus on a computer network. Fortunately, there are Security Solutions in Honolulu and throughout Hawaii available to ensure that any computer network is properly protected and secure.

Wireless security measures begin during the initial setup of a home or office network. Following a few simple principles could prevent others from taking advantage of a vulnerable connection. The router or access point is set near the center of a location rather than near windows to minimize how far the signal leaks outdoors, where others can detect it and potentially exploit. Changes made to the default username and password protects the network address and account information. A strong encryption, compatible with the wireless network, scrambles information sent over the network so that others do not easily read it.

Unfortunately, these actions are not as powerful as they may seem. Network settings need more protection from hackers, such as enabling the firewall protection on the router. Installing personal firewall protection on each computer can provide additional protection. Manually keying in the physical address or identifier of all home or office equipment that connect to the wireless network will restrict the network to allow connections only from known devices. Turning off the network will prevent outside hackers from breaking in and doing harm to the system during extended travel or vacation periods.

Securing a wireless network may be confusing or difficult for those unfamiliar with the process. The good news is there are Security Solutions in Honolulu available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist with all communication needs. Leading industry experts with years of experience provide solutions by supporting the telecommunication needs of residents throughout Hawaii. Visit their website for more info on the latest in wireless security for achieving reliable, effective communication in both the home and business environment. Visit website for more information.