Women’s Shoes, Foot Disorders And The Foot Doctor

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Shoes. Throughout time, shoes have had a specific purpose. They have been designed to fulfill certain needs and meet specific expectations. Modern civilization delights in them. We have shoes for every occasion. In fact, some people have more shoes than they know what to do with. There are even those who collect them. Yet, they mean something else to Foot Doctors In Kenosha, a podiatrist sees far too many cases where foot problems are caused by shoes. This is particularly true, unfortunately, with women more than with men.

Women’s Shoes

Women have generally been known to follow fashion, this includes the latest fads in shoes. Over the centuries, they have worn high heels and flats; pointed and squared toed shoes; and clogs and stilettos. Of these variations on a theme, foot doctors tend to find the most fault with shoes called pumps.

What Are Pumps?

Pumps, or high heels, are shoes that have heels that are anything over two inches tall. Pumps can have chunky heels, platform heels or stiletto heels. Pumps add height and make the calves look graceful, making the legs look long, especially if worn with shorter skirts. Yet, as a podiatrist will stress, they can also cause many foot problems. Although not the only culprit, they are the major one as far as a Foot Doctor is concerned.

The Foot Doctor and Women’s Shoes

In Kenosha, a Foot Doctor can attest to any number of problems caused by ill-fitting and poorly selected shoes. Foot issues related to poor footwear include:

* Bunions

* Calluses

* Corns

* Hammer toes

* Claw toes

* Mallet toes

Several of these, including bunions and hammer toes, are more common among women than men. Improper shoes can also result in broken, twisted or sprained ankles.


Sensible shoes are always a good idea but they may not always be the preferred choice. If you want to grant your feet some relief but still wear high heels, opt for limiting the amount of time spent in them. Alternate wearing the fun, the fashionable and the high, with good quality sneakers, sandals or loafers. You can also find comfortable shoes that are in style but are closer to the ground.

As a foot doctor in Kenosha, we see women with foot problems on a regular basis. The root of many of these conditions is not a disease or an accident but rather a poor choice in footwear. If you really want to take care of your feet, always combine your sense of what is fashionable with what is good and healthy for your feet.

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