Working with Children Book Illustrators

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When it comes to crafting the perfect children’s book, it is important to consider hiring professionals who have a penchant for illustration.  It is no secret that children tend to identify more with pictures more so that words.  In lieu of this you will want to have an arsenal of children book illustrators at your disposal.  If you are unsure about where to begin when seeking out an illustrator, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Set Standards
When reviewing the portfolios of artists, consider making a checklist of experience that you would like for them to possess.  For example, are you interested in having potential illustrator be familiar with certain software? If so, list the software packages in which you would like them to be proficient in on your checklist.  Furthermore, consider the style of drawing that you are interested in using.  Are you more intrigued by traditional or whimsical styled illustrations?  Consider giving the candidates an in-depth virtual interview.  This may prove helpful in better finalizing the needs of your project.

Pre-Storyboard the Story
Storyboarding is the art of breaking a story into several smaller parts so that it is easier to illustrate.  Storyboarding is easier that it sounds and doing this will make things easier for your illustrator and lend credence to your credibility as an author.  If you break the original manuscript up into thirds you will be able to pull out the best parts of the story and storyboard it with ease.  Having this step taken care of will make things easier for the illustrator to sketch out.

Have a Clear Vision
If you are creating a children’s book, you must maintain a clear vision when it comes to the overall story.  Having this in tow will have a significant impact on the success of the story and the illustrations associated with it.  Effectively communicating your vision with the children book illustrators will make the working relationship good on all levels.  It is important to try to be in sync with your illustrator because then the end result of the project will be productive and profitable.

Putting together a kid’s book can be frustrating if you do not have a plan of action.  Having a clear vision and ensuring effective communication between all parties on your creative team is essential.  If you are interested in gaining more insight on the illustration possibilities for children’s books, visit website name