You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Have Attractive Natural Stone Countertops in Sararsota, FL

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You see them on the TV programs about the rich and famous, those beautiful kitchens with masses of cupboards and acres of marble or granite covered work surfaces – probably island units and/or breakfast counters all with the same themed natural stone tops. Even the vanities in their bedrooms and the surfaces around the bathroom sinks, showers and tubs are awash with stone counter tops.

Can you duplicate this in your more modest household in Sararsota, FL? These days, the answer is – yes you can (if you really want to).

OK, the bachelor living alone whose idea of a kitchen is somewhere to place his coffee maker is not likely to spend any real money on kitchen storage and work surfaces but, for most couples and families, their kitchens (and bathrooms) are important parts of their homes. Even our bachelor might appreciate a bit of practical luxury in his bathroom and be prepared to make a financial investment to acquire it.

Cheap Counter Tops

You can construct a basic concrete frame around your kitchen sink and place a piece of particle board on top of it and cover the board with some sort of self adhesive “plastic” laminating material – voila – you have made yourself a cheap counter top. It might not survive much use but it is still a counter top. In fact, tops that were not much better than this were popular in kitchens not so long ago.

As Each Year Passes, We Raise Our Expectations

The problem with cheap countertops in Sarasota, FL wasn’t really that they did not look very attractive, it was more that most of them simply were not up to the duties that we wished them to perform. Nowadays, we demand both good looks and great performance.

Ceramic tiles have the looks and can stand up to hot pots and pans and are easy to clean but, what about the adhesive that holds them down and the grout between the tiles – how secure are those? Logic should tell us that countertops that are cut or fabricated from a sheet of natural stone are going to perform better than a collection of relatively small tiles.

When we reach this point in our countertop deliberations, we need to ask ourselves which is better – a sheet cut from a block of natural rock or one where natural rock granules are compressed and bound together with epoxy resin? Modern production methods have resulted in both types being reasonably priced (especially in view of their longer life expectancies) but, it may surprise you to learn that, a countertop in engineered natural quartz can be longer lasting and more hygienic than one cut directly from a slab of natural granite – yet both are equally attractive when fabricated into countertops for Sarasota, FL

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