You Need the Best Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia When Your Freedom is in Jeopardy

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The first major hurdle faced by someone who has been arrested is choosing the right attorney. This choice may be the most important decision a person has ever made, especially if the charges are Federal rather than State. Experienced Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia will fight to obtain reasonable bail. If every defendant had to pay the amount requested by the prosecutor, more jails would need to be built. The attorney’s practice should be focused on criminal law, not real estate, business etc. Public defenders are available, but may be handling 200 cases and won’t have much time to devote to any particular case.

It will be important to have an attorney who will be available to answer questions and keep clients up-to-date. Research the attorney’s background and affiliations, as well as past cases. What was the outcome in similar cases? Discuss fees, but don’t make the choice based on who seems the cheapest. What is freedom worth? Talk to the attorney; this will be a very important relationship. Does the attorney have an experienced team to assist with the case?

Business Name is a multi-practice law firm with the skilled, experienced criminal lawyers needed by anyone facing a difficult and stressful situation. These Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia are focused on assertively protecting the rights of their clients. They understand that each case is unique and are always in communication with their clients, answering questions and keeping them informed. More information on the firm can be found at; these Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia will respond to any question within 24 hours.

Thomas D. Kenny, Esq. practiced with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office for several years prior to going into private practice. He graduated from Widener University School of Law in 1995 and is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar, licensed in the Federal Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Thomas McGill, Esq. has been practicing criminal law since graduating from Notre Dame Law School in 1975. In 1971, he received the National Urban Fellowship Award. In 1981, he was appointed as Commissioner of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission where he served for 10 years, including serving as Chairperson for 4 years.

Michael Kotik, Esq. is licensed to practice in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Prior to receiving his Juris Doctorate from Drexel Law in 2010, he had extensive experience working in business and with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office.