Your First Day At Drug Rehab Centers In New Mexico

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Health

Making the choice to go to any one of the many residential drug rehab centers in New Mexico is a big decision and one that is usually accompanied by a lot of mixed feelings. There is the optimism that the treatment will finally allow you to break a cycle of dependency on drugs, but there is also a very real fear of failing, of hating the process, and in being away from the people that have been a part of your life.

For many addicts there is a real sense that they have lost a part of themselves through the addiction, perhaps a part that they will not recover even through rehab. Leading a life that is so different than their life during the addiction can seem like a further punishment and not a positive as everyone keeps telling them.

Understanding what to expect on the first day at drug rehab centers in New Mexico can help you prepare yourself and take some of the anxiety and fear out of the decision. Talking to a counselor prior to getting to the facility is also a must as you want to know what you can and cannot bring with you to avoid any further stress and anxiety.

Application Process

While you will have been pre-screened prior to the day you arrive, you will still need to do the paperwork and sign the necessary documents before you can be admitted to drug rehab centers in New Mexico. Expect to answer health questions as well as questions about your addiction. Be as honest as possible, even though you may feel defensive, it will only help the staff plan the best treatment options.

Settling In

Each of the drug rehab centers in New Mexico will have a slightly different procedure to get you settled into the facility. This will typically start with a search of your luggage and person. You should not take this personally; they just need to make sure that items that are not approved are not brought into the facility. Prior to getting to drug rehab centers in New Mexico you will receive a list of what to bring and what not to bring so there should be no surprises.

You will also get a tour of the center, meet other patients, and be introduced to the staff. Your first day at drug rehab centers in New Mexico may also include individual counseling or group sessions, which will help you get started on your pathway to recovery. The first day at drug rehab centers in New Mexico is designed to allow you to get settled in. We can answer any questions you may have about what to expect at our facility.

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