Your Guide to Choosing a Roofing Option

When your home or business property needs a new or replacement roof, you have many options. Not sure how to sort through all your choices? Here’s the inside scoop on which roofing options are available – and which might be best suited to your needs:


Asphalt composition shingles were once a popular choice for roofing, since they are moderate in cost and attractive. This type of roof still accounts for over 80% of roofing currently in existence in America, but it is quickly falling out of favor.

Shingles made from asphalt are petroleum based, making them very unfriendly to the environment. They are also not the most durable option.

Metal Roofing

Metal has become a much more popular choice in recent years for roofing. It is lightweight, versatile, and can be made in a variety of colors or materials. It is more weather-resistant than asphalt and can be recycled almost indefinitely, making it eco-friendlier. It can become very expensive, though, depending on your choice of materials.


Tile is a very traditional roofing choice. Its pros and cons vary by composition, but in general, it is attractive and durable. It can be very heavy and expensive, though, making it a better choice for buildings created for vanity purposes.


Relatively few American homeowners choose wood for their roofs, but those that do enjoy a beautiful and environmentally-friendly option. Wooden roofs are relatively inexpensive depending on the type of wood being used and can be very wind-resistant. They are susceptible to fire and water damage, however, and may need frequent repair and replacement.

Still not sure which type of roof sounds best for your needs? Contact your Jackson, MS roofing specialist for more information. An industry expert can help you make the final decision on which type of roofing is best for your situation and structure – as well as what best fits your budget. With all these factors in mind, you’ll have the perfect new roof in no time; just leave installation to the pros to ensure polished and perfect results!