Your Must Have List and Real Estate in Boise Idaho

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Real Estate

Are you ready to get serious about your home search? If so, you need to prepare a list of things that you must have in a home. A list of things that you must have is important to your real estate agent. For example, if you do not tell her that you must have a home that does not feature stairs; do not be surprised when she shows you two story homes. In order to make your home search more successful you must communicate to your agent what you will not sacrifice on. Thus, you must speak up prior to touring real estate in Boise Idaho.

Do not miss this. There will be things on your list that you thought were must haves. However, after touring homes, you may have changed your mind. For example, you may have told your real estate agent that you must have hardwood floors. However, after touring homes that featured hardwood floors, you discovered that those homes were at the top of your budget. Thus, you asked your agent to see homes that were at the lower end of your budget. What you may have discovered is that you get more square footage, but there is out-dated carpeting to deal with. At this point, you will decide if you can make a sacrifice for more square footage and a lower price. Certainly, you can install hardwood floors later if you choose to purchase the home. However, having everything already done comes at a premium. So, do not be afraid to drift off your list to see the potential of other homes.


1st Place Realty will help you narrow down your choices. They will show you what is available on your list. However, it is wise to be flexible. By doing this, you will be shown more properties, and you will have a better ability to make an informed decision. There is a give and take in any investment. For example, you may give up a large backyard to be closer to work and good schools. Thus, the place you decide to call home may be something you would have missed if you did not go outside of your must have list.


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