3 Brushing Tips for Better Oral Care Practices Between Dentist Visits

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Seeing your family dentist in Naperville every six months is an essential part of maintaining a bright and healthy smile. Those routine checkups will help identify problems early when they can be corrected with simpler procedures. Practicing good oral care at home is equally important. Here are a few tips to care for your teeth between visits with your dentist.

Know How to Brush
A common problem people experience is that they don’t know how to properly brush. They tend to scrub their teeth instead of polishing them, and that harsh pressure erodes tooth enamel. Instead, hold your brush against your teeth lightly, and rotate the bristles in a circular motion to ensure you brush all of your teeth.

Get Plenty of Fluoride
Another important thing to consider is the amount of fluoride you’re getting. This substance is essential to promoting strong teeth and healthy gums. You should be using a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Many people rinse their mouths with water after brushing, but this causes you to flush out the fluoride with the toothpaste. A better idea is to rinse with a fluoride mouthwash.

Don’t Eat or Drink After Brushing
Even drinking water after you brush your teeth will be harmful because it will rinse the fluoride from your mouth. You should avoid consuming anything for at least 30 minutes after brushing your teeth. If you have an appointment with your family dentist in Naperville, don’t eat or drink anything between the time you brush your teeth and arrive for your appointment.

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