A Solid Foundation is Key to Your New Construction in Chicago, IL

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Humans depend on legs and feet and the same goes for homes that depend on foundations and footings. The footings are used to anchor the new construction in Chicago, IL to the ground and offer support to your foundation that then carries the entire weight of your home. Many materials are used to make the foundation including treated wood, block and stone; however, reinforced concrete is the most popular. This involves the contractor erecting wooden forms, installing steel reinforced bars between form faces and filling the forms using poured concrete. Once the concrete has been set, the forms are removed.

The three main types of foundation you should consider for your new construction in Chicago include a full basement, crawlspace and slab on grade. An expert from MK Construction & Builders, Inc. can help you determine which one is best depending on the expectations of the local market and ground conditions

The Full Basement

A typical full basement has footings that are placed below the region’s frost depth and 8-foot high walls are used to enclose a 4-inch thick concrete slab. This will help create space for a room below the ground that will be used either as a living area, mechanical or storage space.

The Crawlspace

Crawlspaces require footings to be placed just below the frost line with just enough headroom between the floor frame and ground to allow someone to crawl around. A majority of crawlspaces have foundation vents that help in the prevention of moisture buildup but can sometimes actually bring in moisture. It is recommended that one should seal and insulate the crawlspace as well as cover the ground using a polyethylene vapor barrier or a concrete slab.

Slab on Grade

The slab on grade foundation is just that: the concrete slab is poured at the grade level serving as a sub-floor for your home’s major living area. The shallow footing on the edges of such a slab helps transfer the home’s wall weight to the ground.

Note if you are going to use a foundation type for your new construction in Chicago, IL that is not common in your locality, you are likely to affect your budget and schedule. For example, when using a slab, mechanical systems need to be figured out before pouring the slab, this is to ensure that all crucial elements are in place.