3 Reasons You Need Security Guards For Your Phoenix Business

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When it comes to protecting your business, you may have followed good recommendations for increasing your online security. Additionally, there are steps you should also take to protect your physical business. In addition to using technology, such as surveillance cameras, hiring guards from a security service in Phoenix, AZ, can be helpful. There are three distinct ways security guards will help you protect your business.

Prevent Theft and Vandalism

When someone intends to commit a crime on your business’ property, they will be far less likely to carry through if they see a live security guard. This is because a guard can do more than simply witness the crime. They can intervene and prevent the criminal act. Since most criminals prefer to commit illegal acts undetected, they will usually be scared off by the presence of a security officer.

Respond to Safety Hazards

As security guards patrol the premises, they will look out for safety hazards that are present on the property. This can include anything from a water leak to a blocked stairwell. In any situation, they will follow the guidelines you establish for notifying the proper personnel of the hazard. This ensures the hazard can be eliminated before it causes an injury or medical condition.

Provide Aid

Officers employed by a security service in Phoenix, AZ, will be trained in responding to injuries and medical emergencies. Some security guards are certified to perform first aid and CPR. Even if a guard doesn’t have the necessary certification, they can call for help and follow instructions for keeping the individual safe until an ambulance does arrive.