Reasons to Hire A Lawyer For Your Workmans Comp Insurance in Minneapolis

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Workmans compensation is a complex and comprehensive scheme of insurance coverage that helps protect businesses and their employees from financial problems after an on-the-job injury. Although the coverage is mandated by stature, getting the coverage an at-work injury deserves can be difficult and sometimes nearly impossible. Fortunately, a workmans comp lawyer can help inured parties get the compensation they deserve. Keep reading for signs you may need to hire a lawyer for a workmans comp claim.

Employer or Insurance Denies Accident Was Work Related

Employers and their insurance companies have financial incentives to deny or water-down workmans comp claims. One tactic is to claim that the injury is not work related or didn’t happen at work. If it is ruled not to be work related, then your injury will not be covered by workmans comp. If you have been injured and are facing employers or insurance companies doing this, then contact an attorney ASAP.

Employer Moves Slowly to Process Claim

There may be many reasons why your employer would drag its feet while processing a claim for workmans comp insurance in Minneapolis. Whatever they are, any feet dragging can harm your claim and result in lower award amounts. Additionally, the pressures of an unresolved law claim can become quite overwhelming. Hiring a skilled lawyer will keep your employer on track and help get your case resolved in a timely manner.

Employer Retaliates

Although filing a claim for workmans comp insurance in Minneapolis may not be the best thing for your employer, doing so is your right. In some cases, employers may resent the claim and take action, either subtle or not so subtle. If you notice retributory action against you after filing a claim, then contact a lawyer for legal protection.