Denied Benefits? Turn to a Social Security Disability Lawyer

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If your claim for social security disability near Portsmouth has been denied, you have only 60 days to file a motion for another hearing. Only 30% are approved the first time around, and many of those applicants have attorneys representing them. If you do not have a disability lawyer at this point, it is strongly recommended you hire one for your second hearing. A very high percentage of those claims are won during the administrative hearing, especially when a lawyer is representing the client.

This hearing will involve you, your attorney and the Administrative Law Judge. He or she decides whether you receive your benefits or not. The only issue with administrative hearings is that the wait times seem to vary greatly. In some cases, it could take a year or longer to have your hearing scheduled. If you are not prepared once that hearing comes, your chances of winning the case are virtually over.

Your attorney should prepare your case and then prep you on what will happen during the hearing. The judge normally asks claimants a series of questions, and an experienced lawyer should know every question the judge is going to ask. In some cases, an attorney could know the presiding judge, which will work in your benefit because he or she knows how the judge operates. If you filed your first application alone and were denied, your attorney will look over the new paperwork to see what has changed. He or she will then submit all the new information and ensure that the judge is up-to-date by the administrative hearing date.

If your application is denied a second time, you should not worry. There may have been an error on the judge’s part, according to your attorney. Because of this, he or she will file an appeal and wait for it to be accepted. If that appeal is accepted, the Social Security council will take a look at the claim and then return it to the judge for another review or overturn it. If the Appeals Council denies the claim, you and your lawyer can take it to Federal Court by filing a petition.

The best way to win your case is to hire a lawyer who practices in social security disability near Portsmouth. If you try to handle the case on your own, you could be hurting your chances of winning without even knowing it.

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