3 Signs a Roof Replacement in Cabot AR is Necessary

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Replacing the roof on your house is expensive, but a leaky roof can damage your home’s interior. If water leaks inside of your house, moisture can get into dark crevices and cause mold to grow, putting your family’s health at risk. Here are three signs indicating your roof should be replaced.

Look at Shingles

You don’t need to get on your roof to examine the shingles, you can stand back and look at them in direct sunlight. If you notice a few are missing or are curled and buckling, then you should contact a roofer about a roof replacement in Cabot AR. Any damage to shingles could indicate they have passed their life expectancy.

Seeing Daylight

While you can walk along the roof to check its condition, it is probably safer to go into the attic to check for signs of a bad roof. This may include streaks where water has seeped in or you may be able to see daylight through the roof’s boards; also check the insulation for signs of mold. Visit us to have a professional roofer come out to your home.

Raising Energy Bills

A roof is designed to help insulate your home, but if it isn’t keeping your house warmer or cooler, you may need a roof replacement. In some cases, the roof may need to be vented properly or it could be too old. When the roof is replaced, you’ll probably feel an immediate difference in how your home’s temperature stays consistent.

A roof replacement will help retain the value of your home, so if you decide to sell it or take out a second mortgage, you will get more money. Always consider the age of the roof when deciding to replace or repair it as an old roof will begin to show its age.