3 Tips For Getting the Best Deal From a Naperville Car Salesperson

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When you decide to start browsing the cars at a Naperville Mazda dealer, you should go prepared by knowing how much car you can afford. This will be different for everyone because it will involve examining your budget and applying to get pre-approved for a loan. Beyond that, you want to make sure you don’t pay more than you have to for your new car. The following tips can help.

Don’t Focus on the Monthly Payment
While it is important to make sure you can afford the monthly loan payment on your new car, that shouldn’t be your primary focus. Instead, your concern should be the total amount of the car. After all, getting pre-approved for a car loan means you’re as good as a cash buyer.

Don’t Sit Still
At some point during the negotiations, the salesperson will ask you to sit in their cubicle and wait for them. They will tell you they’re going to get their boss’ approval on the terms of your deal. Don’t sit still and wait. Instead, go look for vending machines or stroll about the showroom. This will make the salesperson nervous and more eager to give you the best deal possible.

Take Your Time
Salespersons at any Naperville Mazda dealer talk fast by nature, and they may not realize how many different numbers they’re rattling off at you. When negotiating, repeat each number slowly. You should also write everything down to help you remember. This will help you keep a clearer picture of your out-the-door sales price, which should include all taxes and fees.