3 Ways You Can Reduce Your Risks For Gum Disease Between Dental Checkups

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Maintaining good gum health is more important than many people realize because gum disease increases your risks for cardiovascular problems in addition to raising the risks of tooth loss. Scheduling regular checkups with a facility that provides family dentistry in Fort Worth will help in maintaining good gum health. Additionally, there are some practices you should employ in your daily life to keep your gum tissue healthy.

Consume More Vitamin C

As well as maintaining the health of your bones and teeth, vitamin C is also responsible for protecting and restoring tissue. That includes the tissue that comprises your gums. Since vitamin C helps to boost immunity, it can also protect your gums from infections. You can get more of this valuable nutrient by eating more strawberries, kiwis, and oranges.

Brush Your Tongue

You can use your toothbrush if you don’t have a tongue brush in your home. It’s important to start at the back of the tongue and scrape the bristles forward against the tongue to remove bacteria. Otherwise, that bacteria will breed and infect your gum tissue.

Floss Daily

Research has found that flossing just before you brush your teeth is the best time because it loosens food particles that toothbrush bristles might not catch. When you visit a facility for family dentistry in Fort Worth, your dentist will provide a more thorough cleaning. However, it’s still important to clear those food particles from between your teeth on a daily basis. Without flossing, food particles break down to feed harmful bacteria, which will slip beneath your gum line and breed infection.

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