Frequently Asked Questions About Earning an Art Teaching Degree

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One of the most rewarding art careers that you can pursue is becoming an art teacher. When you choose to teach art as a career, you will be able to pursue art every day and also be able to positively impact the lives of children every day. These frequently asked questions should answer any concerns you have about obtaining an art teaching degree.

What Type of Experience Do You Need?

In order to get into an art teaching program, you may not need any experience. However, when you graduate and try to gain a teaching degree, you will want to make sure that you are able to show that you have experience with both children and art. You will want to choose a program that allows you to build a significant portfolio to use as part of the interviewing process.

Why Is Teaching Art to Students Important?

Once you decide to choose art teaching as a career, you may get asked this question frequently. Students need to have art as part of a complete education. You also need to believe this if you are going to spend your time teaching art to students.

Can Art Be Connected to Other Subjects?

Art can be connected to “traditional” educational subjects such as English and math. As you pursue your art teaching degree, you will want to look for ways to connect the lessons you teach in your classroom to the lessons students are learning in other classrooms.

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