Why a Jazz Vocalist is a Great Entertainment Choice for Your Event

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The right live music can go a long way towards making any type of event, from a wedding reception to a corporate function, and an excellent jazz vocalist is always a good choice for an entertainer. In fact, if you have a jazz vocalist who sings well, it adds a touch of class to whatever your event is about.

Benefits of Jazz Vocalists

When it comes to jazz vocalists, hire one that sings both standards and a few original songs as well. You need the standards, of course, because it’s what your audience knows and wants to hear, but, when a singer does originals as well, it shows that they are really passionate about what they do. Some jazz singers just go through the motions, but you want one who isn’t afraid to be a little bit creative.

Los Angeles in particular is a great place for jazz. Events with jazz singers that sing older songs from Cole Porter and other great American composers take on a noir feel that has long been associated with the city of the angels. Throwing in some classics form the Beatles and other 60’s artists helps too.

Jazz music is timeless, and it has taken many parties to the next level. It can take your party there as well. To learn more about a jazz singer who will make your event special, visit the website of Sylvia Brooks; there you will find music samples, contact information and many positive testimonials.