5 Benefits of Wood Floors in New York City

Home improvement candidates typically view wood floors as an unnecessary and expensive addition to a property. While authentic wood flooring is relatively expensive to purchase and install, it offers several benefits that other flooring types do not. The following are five benefits of using Wood Floors in New York City.

1. Aesthetic Appeal – Natural hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful additions available for a property that facilitates a wide range of aesthetic tastes. The large variety of wood types, grains, colors and patterns provides endless style possibilities. Using quality wood that is properly prepared, installed and maintained, guarantees the natural beauty of the wood for many years to come.

2. Value Adding – Studies show that of all the flooring types available, properties that have hardwood flooring installed consistently sell for higher prices and sell faster than homes that do not. Replacing flooring such as carpet with hardwood flooring instantly enhances the market value and appeal of the property.

3. Insulating – Wood flooring has natural insulation properties that make it ideal for homes in New York City. Along with staying cool during hot summer months, an inch of wood flooring has the unique ability to provide the same insulation as over a foot of concrete. Wood flooring is also ideal for use with under floor heating.

4. Clean and Healthy – Unlike carpets that are a breeding ground for parasites, and a collection area for allergens such as dust, pollen and pet hair, hardwood flooring is completely hypoallergenic. Wood flooring also resists stains and odors that are common with other types of flooring.

5. Low Maintenance – Wood flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. Simple tools such as a soft broom and damp mop are all you need to keep wood floors immaculately clean. For long-term issues such as such as dulling, scratches and general wear and tear, repairing wood floors is as easy and sanding and sealing, which returns them to their original beauty and brilliance.

These are a few of the key benefits of using Wood Floors in New York City. Wood flooring is an appreciating asset that adds value to your property while improving its overall quality. Although the initial cost is higher, wood floors are a sound long-term property investment.