5 Key Benefits of New Jersey Hardie Board Siding

Siding is a material used to cover or clad the outside of a building, which helps to protect it from harsh weather and other adverse conditions. Hardie Plank, or Hardie board siding, has built a strong reputation as the leader in fiber cement siding. The following are five of the key benefits of New Jersey Hardie Board Siding.

1. Aesthetically Appealing – One of the benefits of Hardie board siding is its aesthetic appeal and customization options. The siding comes with a vast array of color and finish options that help to completely transform the look of a building and increase its market value.

2. Fire Resistant – A key benefit of Hardie board siding is its natural ability to enhance fire safety. Fiber cement siding, which is a combination of cement and sand, makes it less likely for nearby flames to engulf a building. Depending on where a fire originates, the siding is able to repel flames and increase the safety of the inhabitants of the building, as well as people outside.

3. Storm Resistant – Hardie board siding is extremely storm and weather resistant. The siding easily withstands impact from debris thrown about by high winds, as well as the damage usually caused by hailstorms and typical storm force winds from hurricanes and tornadoes.

4. Durable – Durability is one of the most prominent benefits of Hardie board siding. Along with the ability to stand up to all types of weather, the siding also resists the effects of structure damaging rot and insects. The typical Hardie board siding comes with a comprehensive 50-year warranty that guarantees customer satisfaction for many years.

5. Easy to Clean – Hardie board siding is a low-maintenance siding option however, when necessary, cleaning it is very simple. A few hours with a low PSI pressure washer is all it takes to remove layers of dirt and grime which have built up over time. After a thorough cleaning, the original look and brilliance of Hardie board siding always returns.

These are a few of the key benefits of using New Jersey Hardie Board Siding on a building. Keep these factors in mind as you consider the various siding options available. The long-lasting, low-maintenance qualities offered by Hardie board siding is well worth the initial investment required.