What to Look for in Retirement Communities

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Retirement Home

The utmost concerns on the mind of those looking for the right retirement community is finding one that will be comfortable, engaging and dependable in the quality of care and staff making for the complete list of expected services needed now and in the future. The Fountain View Active Retirement Community offers the three vital areas of care prospective residents should consider; independent living, assisted living and dementia or Alzheimer’s, otherwise known as memory care.

One of the unforeseen issues that can arise after a long-term and often short term, stay is the need to be moved to a different location, one providing a more advanced service due to an unexpected condition or health concern. The Fountain View Retirement Communities offer a full range of needs allowing residents to move in and call it home. Remaining in the same place, with the same staff is paramount to the mental and physical well-being of those making such a transition into aging.

Resident’s stability helps build trust, comfort and close relationships with staff and others living within the community, it is for this reason crucial to make certain the retirement home you chose includes advanced care. Depending on individual needs personal living spaces vary, the senior apartments are well received by the active seniors, while the assisted needs and Alzheimer’s residents accommodations are designed to meet specific care carefully monitored and changed accordingly.

Those dealing with advanced conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s benefit from the Memory Care Unit, it is geared to meet the special needs and care with an advanced staff specialized in the treatment of the two concerns. Residents dealing with either of the two are provided private bathrooms, phone, television and Internet capabilities all included in monthly rent. In addition selections of services are available and coordinated appropriately.

The facilities decor is that of a comfortable well maintained home, with a spacious dining area where many activities such as games, music and crafts take place. This company takes great pride communicating its dedication to making residents, their family and friends feel at home, making it as much like home as possible. The best strategy when researching a retirement community is to spend time reviewing the website, visit and get to know the staff before making any final decisions, but most importantly plan for the unexpected just in case you may need to be moved to more advanced care.


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