How To Select a Rehabilitation Hospital

Whether you or a loved one require long or short term care, selecting a rehabilitation hospital Rockland County NY can feel overwhelming. You are being asked to make incredibly difficult choices during a stressful period. You may not know the questions to ask or what to expect during the admission process. Understanding the features provided by a rehabilitation facility can make your choice easier.

Treatment and a Home

Rehabilitation hospitals provide treatment for an individual who has undergone some form of health setback. The rehabilitation hospital typically involves a wide range of services to provide well-rounded care. Patients at the hospital should have access to occupational, physical and speech therapy to return as much quality of life as possible.

Of course, every hour of the day does not involve therapy. The rehabilitation hospital will also act as the patient’s home. With this in mind, it should provide as warm and welcoming of an environment as possible. While it is impossible to fully recreate the home atmosphere in a medical setting, the ideal rehabilitation hospital will come close.

Treating each resident as an individual, and taking their likes and dislikes into account when possible, is one way that the hospital can feel more like home. The inclusion of the resident’s family members whenever possible is another. The resident should be part of all treatment decisions and be encouraged to communicate his or her feelings about the treatment plan, progress, or other concerns.

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