Services Offered by Cosmetic Dentistry in Basking Ridge NJ

A smile is considered as one of the warmest gesture of all times. Whether in a formal or informal setting, a warm smile gives the impression that you are comfortable, secure and rather confident. Holding back on the other hand gives a very different impression. The main purpose of a cosmetic dentistry is to improve both the function and appearance of the teeth. Many people have had false views regarding the procedure, but with the kind of benefits people have reaped, the urge to have it done is quite strong. Cosmetic Dentistry Basking Ridge NJ service offers such solutions. Their doctors have extensive training in dentistry giving them an edge over many more upcoming companies. So how do they perform this procedure?

Inlay and outlay

Porcelain and other composite material are used to indirectly fill the teeth. This procedure normally helps in restoring the decayed teeth, which is a common problem with many people. This is often done in a dental laboratory.


This treatment involves the restoration of teeth that has decayed, discolored, chipped or broken. The compound material used resembles enamel and is put on the tooth’s surface or the cavity.


Most of the problems experienced by patients at Cosmetic Dentistry Basking Ridge NJ practice involve teeth whitening. Most teeth are discolored because of poor hygiene, food or even drinks. These normally tint the color to an annoying black, grey or brown. With this done, the smile becomes not only attractive but also beautiful.


For those people whose teeth have decayed completely, extraction is the only solution. For these people, Dental Implants come in handy. Replacing those lost teeth gives a youthful look and replaces the old, collapsed appearance caused by dental gaps.

While these are the most crucial procedures in cosmetic dentistry, there are other minor procedures such as smile makeover and reconstruction of the mouth. Just like remodeling the house, cosmetic dentistry is normally skipped by many people. The good thing is that it will not cost you much to have that smile changed. Even though some people are embarrassed that what you have is too little, at least you can be sure that the doctor is not out to manipulate you, after all, that new smile is priceless.

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