5 Steps to Find the Perfect BVI Villa

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The warm beach, constant sunshine and relaxing environment – yes, the British Virgin Islands are definitely calling your name. However, in order to have the vacation you are dreaming of, you have to find a great place to stay and plan your visit. The following five steps will help you through the planning process:

Begin Planning Early

You need to plan for your vacation months ahead of time. In fact, there are a number of BVI Villas that are booked out up to year in advance. If you book ahead, you can avoid the stress involved with finding last-minute accommodations. Planning ahead will give you plenty of time to find the accommodations that are more suitable to your needs.

Narrow Down Your Choices

You need to visualize the vacation rental that you prefer. How many bedrooms? Are pets allowed? Is there a swimming pool on site? Narrowing down your choices will get you on the right track to finding the perfect villa for you.

Actually Look Up the Physical Address

Chances are one of the main reasons you are visiting the British Virgin Islands is for its pristine beaches. If you rent a beach-front villa, you should look up the actual address to determine if it is actually located on the beach. A short drive to the beach is much different than a long hike.

Do Your Homework

If you do not believe that the whole story is being told by the photos that are listed on the website, ask to be given additional photos that are more recent of the accommodations. This is especially important if you are planning on hosting a corporate event or a wedding.

Make Your Reservation

If you are confident about the rental that you have chosen, you need to confirm your actual travel dates and then be sure that the property is reserved before anyone else has the chance to scoop up your spot. However, do not send money to the renter, until you receive a guarantee for the rental.

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