Find A Reputable Dentist For Dental implants In Long Island

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Dental health is an important factor in a person’s life, and should never be neglected. Even if you have a busy work schedule, keeping you away from your Long Island home for the majority of the day, you should still take the time to remember how important your dental health really is. Your teeth provide you with an important function, by chewing the food you consume to make it easier to swallow and digest. Without your teeth, you would have a significant problem handling the food you intake on a daily basis.

When your teeth start to experience problems due to neglect, you make your mouth susceptible to problems like gum disease and cavities. Cavities can progress over time from simple holes in your teeth, to large breaks that can eventually break down the entire tooth if given a long enough period of time. Even a small cavity can be painful to deal with. Having a broken tooth that has the potential of exposing its inner nerve can be even more painful to suffer through. Constant throbbing, sharp pain will have the potential to prevent you from eating due to the nerve being exposed. When a nerve is exposed, a dentist will normally perform a root canal procedure and then place a crown on the tooth to restore its chewing ability. Unfortunately for some patients, restoring a tooth isn’t always going to be an option. This is why many dentists prefer to extract the tooth and replace it using Dental implants in Long Island.

dental implants offer a better replacement for teeth than dentures have in the past. Dentures can cause more problems in the mouth over time than implants can, due to them compacting the bone underneath the gums as you chew. Patients will require bone grafts to keep the bone in their jawlines built up. Dental implants in Long Island, on the other hand, stimulate the bone as you chew. The anchor point acts the same way your original tooth’s root did, stimulating the bones around it as you chew food. This keeps the bone growth occurring in your jawline, making dental implants a much healthier solution for the patient.