A Brief Breakdown of the IVF Fertility Treatment Available in Fresno

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IVF treatment can help women with fallopian tube issues, endometriosis, and other pregnancy-blocking conditions. It can address some male fertility problems too. Researchers have perfected this procedure over the decades, and no doubt, technology will continue to add to this life-giving treatment.

Egg Production

Women’s bodies usually produce one egg a month, but the program’s success involves superovulation. Tried-and-true prescription drugs help a women’s body create more eggs. The medication stimulates hormones. Once a person takes the drug, the fertility clinic will monitor the egg production through blood tests and ultrasounds. The office will be watching the hormone levels and looking for other physical changes.


Once the eggs are ready, a physician will extract them. The doctor will sedate you for the procedure so that you are relaxed and comfortable. It is not painful. This specialist will retrieve the eggs with a needle inserted in the vagina.


The sperm can be from a partner or donor. It is processed to sort out the most healthy and robust ones. The union can happen in one of two ways. The two may naturally join, or the doctor can inject the sperm into an egg. Without any outside influence, the union takes a few hours. The fertility team closely monitors this portion of the IVF process in Fresno, CA.


The doctor prescribes another medication to prep the uterus for the embryo. The fertilized egg will be three to five days old once implanted. For more information on the IVF process in Fresno, CA, contact Laurel Fertility Care at