What Do You Need to Know About Psychodynamic Therapy in Chicago, IL?

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Healthcare

Have you heard about the benefits of psychodynamic therapy? As an evolution of psychoanalysis, psychodynamic therapy in Chicago, IL incorporates many modern innovations. Since it focuses on the unconscious, it can help elucidate trauma responses. Plus, it can change how someone has reacted to unconscious material. To benefit the most, you must build a strong relationship with the therapist. That’s the only way to get deep enough using this method.

Psychodynamic Therapy in Chicago, IL

One of the main concepts in psychodynamic philosophy is that of free association. When working with a therapist, clients are encouraged to express themselves freely. So, if they have an emotion, they should talk openly about it.

Even though some of what’s discussed may be irrelevant, much of it isn’t. Once something has come up to the surface, you can analyze it with the therapist. Their knowledge may be helpful when trying to discover what something means.

Besides free association, therapy also looks at sources of resistance. If someone has resistance to something, it’s often for a reason. So, working with a therapist could help uncover what’s causing it. Then, patients can develop ways to reevaluate whatever has made them feel this way.

Also, therapists look at anything a patient is repressing to see if it has significance. If it does, they can work with them to figure out its meaning. Sometimes, people repress things, even if they don’t know why. But, there’s a way to uncover what’s repressed if you’re working with a therapist.

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