A Cosmetic Dentist In Winnetka Can Make Your Smile Look Better

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With the advances in dental technologies, more people are taking advantage of the services of cosmetic dentists. These are services that general service dentists in Winnetka don’t offer. Some of the procedures offered by this kind of dentist can include, bubble jet gum massage, bonding, implantology, maxillofacial, oral surgery and digital radiography. Often going to a cosmetic dental office resembles going to a spa. Two services that are often requested by patients are veneers and dental implants.

Once our permanent teeth have grown in, we are challenged with how to replace one or more teeth that get lost. This loss could occur due to needing them extracted because of infections or we could lose teeth in an auto accident. We could lose a tooth in a fight or by getting hit with a fly ball at a baseball game. However the loss occurs, the best way to replace the tooth loss is with a dental implant. A general service dentist in Winnetka doesn’t offer dental implants so a cosmetic dentist is needed.

Dental implants are a procedure where the surgeon inserts an artificial tooth that is permanently fused to the jawbone, making the replacement tooth as permanent as it can possibly be. The new tooth is matched as closely as possible to the natural teeth so no one can tell the difference between the artificial tooth and the teeth surrounding it. When properly maintained, a dental implant can last a lifetime. The two best features of implanted teeth are they do not decay and they aren’t susceptible to root canals. After all, implant bases are made of metal and don’t have roots.

Another popular service offered by cosmetic dentists are porcelain veneers. This is where a thin cut of porcelain is placed over your natural teeth to give them a much more desirable color. Before the veneers are put on, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth so that an exact fitting veneer can be made. Veneers are usually made for patients that have gaps between their teeth or those that have teeth that are too stained to be brightened through a professional whitening. Sometimes a patient will want veneers just because they want to enhance the look of their smile. Every veneer treatment is completely personalized. When the treatment is completed, it is impossible to tell which teeth have veneers and which ones don’t. Browse the site for more information.