A guide to vehicle insurance in Pennsylvania

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Any insurance is a form of contract between an insurance company and you; the policy protects you against loss in the event you suffer from an incident covered by the policy. In the state of Pennsylvania, auto insurance is mandatory, although there is a number of different covers available depending upon your needs. Each form of coverage will have different Car insurance rates in Philadelphia but once you pay the premium; the insurance company will pay for any event that happens, which is included under the policy. To protect you from what could be a major financial blow, getting the right insurance, is important.

Vehicle insurance is mandatory:

To legally operate a vehicle on any roads in the Commonwealth, the driver must be insured. Should you be caught driving an uninsured vehicle you may find your registration suspended for a period of 3 months unless the lapse was for less than a month, and you can prove that the car was not used during this period.

If the PennDOT can establish that you did operate the car without the proper insurance cover, you may lose your license for three months and to ensure that you don’t drive the vehicle, the license plate and sticker will be removed. For you to restore your driving privileges, you must prove to PennDOT that you have insurance.

Required coverage:

Even though private automobile insurance is mandatory, there is only certain coverage that is mandatory and others that are optional. The car insurance rates in Philadelphia are all based on the coverage and the limits. The coverage mandated by the state is:

* Medical: This covers any medical care that either you or others covered by the policy needs. The minimum that is required is $5,000 but higher limits are readily available.

* Bodily injury: If you are at fault and injure a person in an accident, this covers their medical bills and rehabilitation expenses. The minimum cover that you must have is $15,000/$30,000. The $15,000 figure covers for the injuries of one person while the $30,000 is the total payable for any one accident.

* Property damage: If you are at fault and damage another person’s property, this will cover the claim up to a minimum of $5,000.

When you purchase your policy, you are given the option of either limited or full tort. With a limited tort policy, you can claim all your out-of-pocket expenses for medical, but you will not be able to claim for pain and suffering. Limited tort premiums are lower than full tort. A full tort policy allows you unrestricted rights to sue.

Some insurance companies provide policies with a single limit cover of $35,000, which covers the bodily injury, liability and property damage minimums.

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